Nice to meet you.

Brianna Morsa is the founder of Humble Lion Coaching™ and the compassionate mind behind helping thousands of individuals create the lives they truly desire. For years she has been empowering people to overcome obstacles and find the success they have long wanted. As a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she employs many techniques to help others develop successful strategies to get rid of unwanted habits or negative emotions for good.

She works with chief executive officers and managers on hiring strategies in order to recruit the right people who align with company’s long-term goals. She supports company’s to create a mindset and culture that inspires their teams and staff, and evokes passion-filled practice both within and outside of the workplace. Learn how to hire the right people and inspire your team to grow your business and only attract your ideal client.

She speaks to a variety of groups with the same purpose; to inspire self belief in all who listen. She shares with the youth, businesses and other communities to help them understand the importance of being in control of their mind so that they dictate the outcomes they most want and don’t look to blame their circumstance. Businesses grow exponentially after having Coach Bri out to teach on leadership and habits that we all must have. Many people look to establish effective change with the tools and strategies she brings to the table.

As someone who used to claim addiction and trauma as part of her life, Coach Bri identifies with the challenges that many are facing and is living proof that we are the masters of our minds.

You have purpose, passion, and incredible strength.

When you let go of limitations, you can manifest the life you truly want to live.”


Her purpose in this world, she says, is “to empower and elevate every spirit that is willing. We all need healing and we can all have healing. I will stand as a welcome sign, inviting all who believe in possibilities and want to take action!”

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