What is Hapé?

Hapé is a fine blend of ground of mapacho (jungle tobacco) and other plants traditionally used in latin shamanic practices. The intention of hapé is to help others heal by way of releasing and clearing out negative energy and bringing more groundedness to your energy. 

Hapé Circles are a great opportunity to experience this wonderful plant medicine. Hapé is administered through an applicator pipe into each nostril sequentially. You will feel a rush of intense feeling as these plants connect to all the sinus membranes and bring a spiritual connection to the plant energy. 

Hapé can be a really great reset in day-to-day practice and can be used as needed to aid you in clearing unwanted energy and connecting spiritually with plants as teachers, to receive messages, direction or clarity. 

Join us for a Hapé Open House and come see for yourself what it's all about!

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